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Stargazing: Orion and Jupiter in USA

USA: Stargazing: Orion and Jupiter - a 360° panoramic photograph by Aaron Priest on 360Cities.

"A photographer friend and I went out to shoot the Geminid meteor shower together last month. Around 2AM the clouds started rolling in, making astrophotography next to impossible. However it nicely reflected the lights of Bangor and Brewer and lit up the ground enough to shoot a spherical panorama of us stargazing in the field. Orion and Jupiter are clearly visible in the brightest part of the sky. Shot with a Nikon D700 @ 15mm, f/2.8, ISO 2500, 30 seconds. I turned the LED flashlight on for about 12 seconds during one of the exposures. I took 2 rows of 6 photos plus two extra shots of my friend and me.More photos on my blog: 

The Earth at Night.

"Leonids Over Monument Valley" - NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day photographed by Sean M. Sabatini.

Midsummer moth trails by Steve Irvine.

Perseid Meteors Penetrating Circumpolar Star Trails by Fort Photo on Flickr.

I sure hope the sky clears tonight so I can see some Perseids!

untitled by exxonvaldez on Flickr.

Dubai day to night by Gerald Donovan

"A single image created from a blend of 30 photographs taken from my 24 hour timelapse of Dubai. I wasn’t very happy with my initial attempt at this as I’d chosen 30 equally spaced photos throughout the 24 hour period. In this example, I increased the number of images around the sunset/dusk time to get a better transition from day to night."